Broadcast IPTV

Broadcast IPTV

Automate ad insertion

Traditional broadcasting has come a long way. Audiences are still sitting back and watching TV channels, but today IPTV broadcast providers have the technology to harness the power of video recognition and machine learning to automate the identification, tagging, and replacement method of inserting relevant advertising for your audience.

Customize ads to your viewers

With our technology ads become relevant to your viewers. And higher in value – leading to new revenues for the television service provider.

As a Broadcast IPTV provider, you want to make sure your individual viewers are receiving customized ads that resonate with them. It is important for you to deliver relevant ads to keep your viewers watching.

Culloma’s suite of advertising technology is agnostic, and plugs in to all the leading online video advertising platforms such as SpotX and Google, to ensure you are delivering relevant ads to your viewers. Culloma’s technology complies with all the major ad standards, such as VAST and SCTE 130.

Scalable and reconfigurable solutions to fit your needs

We work with you to make sure our solutions fit your needs. Our technology is used around the world by broadcasters who need cost-effective solutions for advertising insertion.

Contact us today to find out how we can help put relevant adverts into your broadcast IPTV television.