We provide automated advertising solutions for all types of Broadcasters, Cable Operators and IPTV providers

OTT Solutions

Harness real-time video recognition and machine learning to deliver relevant advertising to your viewers.

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IPTV Platforms

Automate ad insertion and customize ads to your viewers.

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Cable Operators

Identify ad placement opportunities and insert targeted ads into your channels.

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Our Platform

Recognize ad opportunities, simplify ad insertion, and improve campaign management.

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About Us

Culloma has been developing and marketing real-time video software products for over a decade, focused on solutions where television, advertising and the Internet meet.

Our pioneering technology brings the flexibility and benefits of advertising on the internet to regular broadcast television, whether viewed on PCs, smartphones, tablets or a web-enabled TV in the living room. Culloma’s services create valuable additional revenue opportunities for broadcasters and network operators as well as making advertising more relevant for viewers.

Our network-based solutions are compatible with existing traffic and billing systems and don’t require any changes at all to automation and playout systems. This, along with an extremely low entry cost, makes it easy to try new advertising concepts without impacting live services.