What Culloma Can Do For You

Dynamic Ad Replacement

Culloma provides a range of low-cost, web-based advertising software tools that support dynamic ad replacement including the recognition, insertion, and monetization of advertising in live or near-live IPTV and OTT-TV networks. Our tools help broadcasters to:

Recognize ad opportunities

Identify individual ads frame-accurately and in real time. Tight integration with touch-screen monitors allows the user to ‘touch-the-break’ to mark the exact video frame when a commercial break starts or finishes; and automatically generate cues for ad insertion.

Simple, dynamic ad replacement

Automatically splice individual ads or whole commercial breaks seamlessly into live TV streams using industry standard SCTE35 or user-defined triggers.

Improve campaign management

  • Organize ad content according to customer and campaign
  • Manage scheduling of ad campaigns and spots
  • Automatically collect ‘as run’ information, organize it according to customer, campaign, date and time, TV channel and ad spot, and save it to a single file for later use in accounting.

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