Viamedia Inc. is a media advertising solutions provider that utilizes linear and digital inventory for local, regional and national advertisers across the US. It supplies the hardware and software to operate the linear ad-insertion business. Viamedia acts as the sales arm for MVPD networks, or cable operators, such as ESPN, USA, History Channel, and HGTV, providing end-to-end sales and operations solutions for a network’s sales channels, or in a managed services scenario where the partner supplies the sales side and Viamedia operates the back office. 

Viamedia uses Culloma’s ad-insertion software on Viamedia’s own servers which they have specified and configured. They chose Culloma because their product had a good foundation and they were willing to work with Viamedia to customize their product to meet their needs in a cost-effective way. They helped Viamedia create a more cost-effective, small market ad-insertion/ad-splicing platform.

Randy Lykes, Viamedia’s CTO, notes, “Culloma is very responsive and willing to put in the work necessary to develop the product to meet our needs. It is not often you find a team so willing and eager to roll up their sleeves and accomplish the goals at hand.”

The products that Culloma helped Viamedia develop are being used to open ad-insertion platforms for smaller MVPDs, or cable operators, that do not have ad-splicer and ad-insertion platforms already in place. This is important in that there is a lower cost involved making the launch financially feasible.

Lykes concludes, “One of the biggest benefits of using Culloma’s products to our MVPD partners is the ability to talk directly to their subscribers in promoting their products and services. Culloma is a knowledgeable and innovative company that is led by people that are truly focused on helping their customers by developing products that meet their needs.”

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