OTT Solutions

OTT Advertising

Consumers are accessing content whenever and wherever they want using OTT platforms such as Roku, Apple and Amazon Prime and this requires OTT solutions from app owners. As an OTT provider, you want to make sure the advertising you are delivering is relevant to your audience. It is no use delivering an advert for a local restaurant in Karachi to someone sitting in Toronto. Culloma’s suite of ad-replacement technologies can help.

Harness the power of real-time video recognition and machine learning

The technology in our ad recognition and replacement products enables you to utilise machine learning to detect, cut, and automatically insert relevant advertising for your audience in real time.

Automated real time ad replacement

As an OTT provider, you have a need to replace advertisements in your broadcast feed in real time to help sponsors adapt to rapid marketplace shifts. Our innovative and cost-effective advertising OTT solutions give you dynamic ad-insertion capabilities. Our cost structure allows you to pay on a per channel basis, with flexible tools to do your billing and transcoding. Our services grow with you.

Targeted and scalable

Small to mid-size network operators all over the world use our scalable technology to ensure their regional OTT feeds deliver relevant ads to their consumers. We work with you to make sure our OTT solutions fit your problems, in a cost-effective and efficient way.

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