AVS Case Study

Audio Visual Sistemas (AVS) is a well-established South American consultancy and integrator of solutions for content production and delivery headquartered in Buonos Aires, Argentina and Miami, Florida. With almost 30 years of experience in most aspects of television, AVS has particular expertise in commercial ad insertion in Cable TV, Satellite and OTT content delivery.

Culloma was recommended to AVS by a supplier, and AVS has been pleased with Culloma’s price and performance in delivering increased advertising revenues to their customers.

“We integrated Culloma’s products into our solutions for our digital cable TV customers. Our customers were delighted with the useful and elegant tool to increment their revenues.”

Alex Perelman, Founder of AVS

Culloma servers are designed for automated ad insertion using a digital trigger to start the ad break, but the solution was easily adapted for use by AVS’s clients, who are often small operators with manual ad insertion operations.

“A key benefit is that Culloma adapted its solution for (our clients) using specially designed software and panels to make the operation more friendly.  The fact that Culloma is based on transport stream splicing reduces the investment of converting stream to base band signals, providing us huge savings in routers and other appliances.”

Alex Perelman, Founder of AVS

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